NYSAE Website Redesign Wins Higher Logic Award

By Denman Wall
[Excerpt from NYSAE’s InView Newsletter from December 2013]

The recent redesign of nysaenet.org, with its modern flare and people-first theme, has gained the attention of the site’s platform developer, Higher Logic. NYSAE earned the Best Combined Community & WWW Site Redesign Award at the 4th Annual Higher Logic Users Group Super Forum held in Washington, DC, on December 2-3. The award recognizes significant design improvements in an existing client’s combined online community/website.

On-site to accept the award was Dolci Interactive’s Director of Interactive Services, Denman Wall. Wall, his team and a small group of volunteers, including: Jeanette Redmond, NYSAE Board member and executive director of the Federal Bar Council; Jennifer Ian, chair, NYSAE Membership Committee and director, Member Services and Chapter Relations, American Thoracic Society; and Marian Thielsen, chair, NYSAE PR & Marketing Committee and associate vice president, sales and marketing, American Pet Products Association, gave the site a facelift over the course of the past few months.

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