Strategic Planning

Strong and Sound
A sound Strategic Plan is a road map to a predetermined destination. Its utility depends on the accuracy of the assumptions upon which goals are built, and the prudence with which the desired future is defined. If the plan positions the organization to be as successful as possible within the anticipated constraints and enables it to take full advantage of all opportunities, it is a Strategic Plan. If not, it is merely a wish list.

DMS facilitates a simplified, carefully crafted planning process designed to produce a tightly worded, concise and practical planning document. The utility of the plan depends heavily on the clarity of the language through which measurable performance outcomes are defined.

Results Oriented
In working with your organization, Dolci Management Services will develop and implement a process which will enable you to make the strategic decisions necessary to produce a plan which is owned and supported by the leadership, the membership and the staff, and above all, capable of being implemented. The delicate balance between a plan which helps an organization stretch its capacity – and one which takes a realistic look at all factors which might impinge on that stretch

Usability Personified
Most Strategic Plans rest comfortably in filing cabinets for the duration of their short life span, and are only dusted off when someone decides it is time to update them. This is unfortunate, since planning and the plan itself, should be valuable management tools.

Practical and Prioritized
DMS takes a very practical, priority oriented approach to planning, implementing and evaluating. We facilitate a process that produces an outcome focused plan which includes an accountability tracking system, making ongoing implementation and evaluation easier to accomplish.

Simple and Productive
We do not favor a complex planning process. If the process becomes more important than the product, momentum and interest are frequently lost. There is no evidence, either in planning literature or from the extensive experience of DMS, that a protracted planning process produces a better or more useful planning document than one produced in a tight, but carefully facilitated time frame. We believe that in a one and one-half day retreat, your organization can develop a visionary, yet practical Strategic Plan. This will require the completion of all data collection before the retreat, and will save valuable member staff time and expense as well.

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