Executive Search Services

“Dolci Management helped us to find the most extraordinary talent to fill our position…”

Michael L. Weamer, CAE
Executive Vice President
Founders Affiliate
American Heart Association

We’ve helped Clients such as the American Heart Association in their executive search.

Mission Critical

Few decisions are as critical to an association as its investment in the selection of its Executive Staff. A good decision will be rewarded by years of dedicated service and association growth. A bad decision – the wrong choice – can cripple an association, perhaps mortally, leaving it without a cohesive focus on issues vital to its interests.

Associations and Not for Profits

Specializing in servicing the association and not for profit community for over 35 years, DMS is uniquely qualified in the executive search arena. Among our many clients is the New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE), consisting of over 2,000 chief staff executives of leading trade, professional, business, philanthropic and community service organizations. We understand the range of concerns and responsibilities your executive staff will pursue in your behalf. In addition, our knowledge of association operations, objectives, governance and leadership are yours when evaluating the potential candidates. DMS brings to every situation decades of executive staff and elected director service, working knowledge of the needs and pressures organization leaders face, providing on-point experience not available from any other source.

execsearchcircleUnique Executive Search Process

DMS offers a unique, customized executive search process. Phase I centers on a Needs Assessment – Position Profile to illuminate the nature and requirements of the organization. This analysis enhances the effectiveness of the Search Committee by helping it better define the optimum experience, behavior patterns and style it should seek in the new executive.

The Needs Profile variables include:

  • Nature of the association’s/not-for-profit’s membership
  • Issues facing the association/not-for-profit
  • Culture of the organization
  • Objectives for the near term
  • Current and prospective resources in support of those objectives
  • Talents and style of the staff
  • Experience and talent needed in the new executive

Such variables and others affect the pool of qualified candidates available and the length of the search.

Once the committee reaches consensus on its own status and the profile of the executive needed, Phase II, The Search, begins. Without such agreement the search process has little chance to succeed in the long run, as many associations/not-for-profits sadly realized.

Each search will engage DMS contacts in New York and throughout the Northeast…the most extensive in the association/not-for-profit community.

We Know People

In addition to considering those talented executives in the DMS database who are seeking new opportunities, each search will engage DMS contacts in New York and throughout the Northeast…the most extensive in the association/not-for-profit community. DMS has access to professionals in association management, industry and government. We analyze, interview, check, eliminate, and present to your Search Committee the most qualified candidates.

Then, we help produce, as desired, the “Assessment/Exchange” Phase (III), the final interviews. We provide analyses of the candidates, their work product, reference reports, a summary matrix to more easily compare, and guides for the interviews. We help negotiate in your behalf, if you wish. Further, we will remain available by phone for counsel on governance issues for the duration of the new executive.

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