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Dolci Interactive is the complete resource for all your digital needs. As we continue to develop new and exciting projects, we’re also adding more comprehensive services geared to ensure your online presence makes an impact in your community.

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“With the assistance of Denman Wall of Dolci Interactive, our organization was able to substantially upgrade our website at an extremely reasonable cost and timeline. Mr. Wall was incredibly creative and went to great lengths to understand our organization and what we wanted to accomplish with our website. He gave the website life, color and depth. Continuing communication and periodic project reviews allowed our modifications to be implemented promptly and kept all parties on the agreed upon timeline.

Our new website, which truly exceeded our expectations, was delivered on time and on budget. Our Board and stakeholders have complimented us on it. We appreciate the knowledge, expertise, and professionalism provided by Denman Wall and Dolci Interactive.”

Patrick Natale
Executive Director, United Engineering Foundation

Internet Strategy
DI offers complete Internet Strategy services. Whether you are just getting started with your organization’s online presence or you have an existing presence, DI can enhance your ability to succeed in today’s active marketplace.
Web/Email Design
Employing a vast array of Award-Winning Web Design and Email development techniques, DI delivers several design techniques geared to today’s highest standards. We are proficient in both Windows and Open Source solutions.
Social Networking
A strong Social Networking presence is just as important as having a website. DI helps organizations to plan and deploy a strong social presence on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc..
App Development
Whether your organization is looking for a simple HTML5 app, a fully-native dynamic app, or a hybrid app, our firm can provide you with the appropriate solution based on your needs and budget.
Rich Digital Media
Today’s organizations need to be ready to meet the expectations of today’s web users. And today’s users expect a rich media experience including video and audio content. DI can provide your organization with a complete Digital Media strategy and post-production resources.
To survive in today’s Internet landscape, you need to be “findable”. Our Director of Internet Services has spent years working with large scale websites to optimize content so that it is more “findable” in public or internal search engines.
Web Analytics
Organizations must understand user behavior and activity in their online endeavors. Whether you need a Web Analytics solution or you already have one, DI can gather, analyze and interpret web traffic activities and user behavior.
Production Services
We provide web production services to graphic design firms, agencies, and other organizations. If your firm needs an extra set of hands or two, we are experienced with a wide variety of systems, programming languages, and web production techniques.
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The Methods

There are four simple steps to the Dolci Interactive process for delivering Internet solutions – based on both Waterfall and Agile programming techniques, including:



Discovery allows us to work with the client organization to learn more about the vision and mission of the organization, the operations, existing technologies and more. Typical Discovery engagements include interviews of key stakeholders, a review of metrics, and an analysis of the site’s search engine readiness.



Design incorporates several different stages, including Mood Boarding – where color preferences and visual design options are examined – and style – which fonts will be used and where. This is followed by a sketching phase – where the site’s wire frames and page templates are developed.



After the design is locked in, the development team begins its work to program the site according to the design specifications. Throughout Development, testing and correction is paramount. As various development stages are complete, the client is guided through User Acceptance and Quality Assessment steps.



Deployment is the process of launching the website or other online service. During deployment, client staff members are trained on techniques for maintaining the site.

The Talent

Led by our Director of Interactive Services, Denman Wall, our team has the experience and knowledge to ensure your online presence is top-notch.

Denman Wall

Director of Interactive Services
Denman brings over 20 years of experience developing Internet presences for many associations, including ASME, AIP, ASHRAE, Federal Bar Council, 7×24 Exchange, METFDA and YelpBR. Prior to heading up Dolci Interactive, Denman was the Director of New Media at ASME for 11 years.

Srujal Shah

Project Manager
Srujal Shah is an expert in web and mobile app development and online marketing. Over the last 15 years, he has developed web applications for Merck, Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank.

Jwalit Shah

Lead Developer
Jwalit has over 13 years of experience in enterprise technology. Some of the major companies Jwalit has worked are Panasonic, BOC Gases, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch and Bank of America. Jwalit has experience building platforms for Institutional Loans, Mortgaged-backed securities, Bond Trading Systems (Municipals) as well as Global Wealth Management.

Jessica Mission

Graphic Designer
Jessica spent 8 years as design director of several magazines, including South Carolina Magazine, Greenville Magazine, and most recently, Mechanical Engineering Magazine.

Selected Examples of Work

These are just a sampling of the organizations we’ve done work for. Please contact us for more specific examples.

“After a competitive bidding process, the Alpha Foundation engaged Dolci Interactive to create a redesigned website that would present a more updated appearance as well as provide the platform for increased outreach to both grantees and the prospective users of the results of Alpha Foundation-sponsored research. We were impressed both by Dolci’s methodical approach to website development as well as the cost-effectiveness for a small organization such as ours. We are delighted with the results of our engagement. Denny Wall worked closely with us from beginning to end to make sure our needs were identified and to ensure that they were realized in the website itself. The website was completed on time and within budget. Importantly, Denny and his team were flexible in their approach to changes and effective in implementing our ideas. We are now in the early stages of adding new content and rolling out the website to the broader mining safety and health community, and are very excited to share the product with them.”

Warren Hunt
Executive Director, Alpha Foundation

Capabilities Document

Dolci Interactive Capabilities Document
Learn more about Dolci Interactive capabilities, methods and staff.